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Hot House Living Lab

Hot House Living Lab

Skills applied: Branding & Identity

Main Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign


In March 2024, we had the privilege of collaborating with Hot House Living Lab Incorporated to develop a comprehensive brand identity. Spearheaded by Helen Rodd, this project aimed to encapsulate the essence of their innovative and nurturing community initiative through a unique logo and cohesive brand materials, including letterhead and social media assets. The design needed to resonate with active community leaders, councils, and philanthropic organisations. Our creative approach focused on a contemporary, playful tone while integrating natural elements to symbolise growth and regeneration. We incorporated a green colour scheme and visual motifs like green shoots and unfolding ferns, reflecting the concept of a “living” lab. The final design prominently featured “Hot House” to evoke a greenhouse’s safe, supportive environment, fostering individual and collective growth.

Click here to learn more about the project.

NCQ Disaster Resilience Strategy Report

Strategy Layout

Skills applied: Layout Design

Main Tools used: Adobe InDesign

Supporting Tool: Adobe Illustrator

Queensland Neighbourhood Centres Strategy for Disaster Resilience 2023 – 2026


We were contracted by the communications lead for Neighbourhood Centres Queensland to work on the layout of this report. As a helpful assistant, I worked with the team at NCQ to co-design the layout for this document. We collaborated on the color scheme, font choices, and overall layout to ensure that the content was presented in a clear and easy-to-read format. The design elements were chosen to align with NCQ’s branding and to create a cohesive look and feel throughout their website. By working closely with the team at NCQ, we were able to create this resource that is visually engaging and user-friendly, making it easier for visitors to access and utilise the important information available there.

Click here to learn more about the project and view the plan.

My Brother Noah Doesn’t Talk

My Brother Noah Doesn't Talk

Skills applied: Illustration, Type Design, Writing

Main Tools used: Adobe Fresco, Illustrator, FontSelf and InDesign

Supporting Tools: Adobe Photoshop and Audition 

My Brother Noah Doesn’t Talk is a children’s storybook about having autism and accepting differences.


In Australia alone, 1 in 82 people have Autism Spectrum Disorder (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2021), yet every person who has this condition still needs support and understanding from the wider community.

Click HERE to read and listen to the book.

How it all started

Illustration Timelapse

Type Design

Try out this typeface for yourself. Type here…

Download this font for free! 

Aubrey Display Typeface

Aubrey Display

Skill applied: Type design

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, FontSelf


This project focused on creating a Modern serif display typeface specifically inspired by the Art Nouveau movement. The contrasting thin and thick strokes aim to appeal to elegant aesthetics, hence development focused on how those strokes cultivated the overall personality of the type.
Research into the Art Nouveau movement showed that distinctive features include decorativeness, free lines and round shapes, their plasticity and flow. Organic elements often feature together with undulating asymmetrical lines (Britannica, T. Editors of Encyclopaedia (2022). A specific work by Alphonse Mucha (Widewalls, 2016) focused on the feminine quality coupled with the flowers and mosaic surrounding the female subjects, signifying harmony in composition, movement and colours. This type of treatment was useful in determining how each of my characters followed this feminine approach.

Try out this typeface for yourself. Type here…



Using the distinctive features cited above, the exaggerated flowing lines in a few of the characters (A, O, C M and K) provide them a distinct look leaning further away from the Modern Serif style. Further, the swash used in the alternative letter A is utilised for M which is reminiscent of the undulating lines present in Art Nouveau. Letter V likewise takes on a softer approach to match the softer look of the character.




Aubrey Display Type Regular

Aubrey Display Type Regular


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Open Verse

Open Verse

Skills applied: Branding / Packaging / Illustration

Tools used: Blender / Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop

Just like its name, the Open Verse brand is open and flexible to anything. On the packaging itself, the logo’s background changes to deep purple, hot pink or orange, morphing and adapting to the art featured on the box. 


After conducting an audit of a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) product category with a focus on packaging, the task was to define a need in the market, identifying a target audience and designing concepts for an innovative packaging solution. The project called on to develop these concepts before producing a final 2D-artwork and a 3D-mockup. We were tasked to develop a brand name, brand positioning and visual identity for the product identified.

Just like its name, the Open Verse brand is open and flexible to anything. On the packaging itself, the logo’s background changes to deep purple, hot pink or orange, morphing and adapting to the art featured on the box. Whilst the logo colours are dynamic, the shape itself remains the same for purposes of identifiability and consistency.

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Whilst the logo colours are dynamic, the shape itself remains the same for purposes of identifiability and consistency.


In The Same Boat

In The Same Boat

Skills applied: Media Strategy, Advertising, Writing, Branded Experience

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Some blender 

Theme: Refugee Rights

According to the UN Refugee Convention, it is everyone’s human right to seek safety and asylum, regardless of how they arrive or whether they have travel documents.


Perspectives on either end of the spectrum include those who are against all refugees of any kind and those who support all asylum seekers whereever they may be and whatever method they tried to escape with. The widely held perspective that I am to shift is the belief held by those against refugees and those who do not have any strong opinions about this issue, largely as a result of misinformation and cognitive biases. This position is a complex one including false notions of how Australia has already done its due diligence in helping refugees and asylum seekers worldwide.


Australia is not pulling its weight in addressing this global issue of mass displacement, and you should definitely care.

Target Audience


Get young adults and passive supporters
Who are on the fence about refugees or have no strong beliefs
To help advocate for change
By signing up to be “in the same boat”

Media Hype

The Branded Experience

DISCLAIMER: This is an academic requirement, therefore, any organisations or individuals mentioned are not connected to this project in whatever shape or form.

Happiness Concierge

Happiness Concierge

Skills applied: Service Design / Branding

Tools used: Figma / Photoshop / Adobe InDesign 


Happiness Concierge aims to put the customer in the centre and look into what will make dealing with Australia Post experience a less painful one.


Insights from previous research point to the necessity of allotting resources to improve overall logistics and train a new breed of staff, who will provide a better service on the ground in ways Australians have not seen in recent times. 



+ Connection to family and friends
+ Personalised and memorable experience
+ Staff who will take the time and make the experience fun and memorable
+ Real-time reporting via audio/video

DISCLAIMER: This is an academic requirement, therefore, Australia Post is not connected to this project in whatever shape or form.

Track C Consulting

Track C Consulting


Track C Consulting is a consultancy firm supporting organisations embed cultural diversity in everyday practice. They came with a task to us in 2019 of identifying their business name, sketching out their vision for both their logo and designing their website on WordPress. Everything from the website and business cards was built in collaboration with the business owner, Pirooz. The brand’s moodboard consisted of images that evoked minimal, vintage and clean. Pirooz’s love of pastel colours was consistently used as accents all throughout the brand’s marketing collateral.

Its web redesign in 2022 asked for a new all-black look which we incorporated with subtle fluid animations and smooth scrolling effects. To see those effects, please visit their website here. 

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Racism, Raw & Real: Hear our stories

Racism, Raw & Real: Hear Our Stories


For a second time in a row, Track C is holding its annual forum that centers on human rights. This year’s theme is “Racism, Raw & Real: Hear Our Stories”. 
We were aiming for a bold and insightful look and feel to try to capture the audience’s attention without diminishing the gravity of the issue at hand. 
According to Track C, “Racism, Raw & Real is the first forum of its kind in the Geelong region. With an outstanding lineup of speakers, this is a rare opportunity for you to engage in a meaningful dialogue about Racism with people who have lived it and continue to experience it everyday.”
View the webpage here
Communications provided:
– 10-second teaser video
– social tiles, banners, etc.
– program design
– webpage design

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10-sec Teaser Ad

Program Design + Social Media Images

TinShed Annual Report 2021

TinShed Annual Report


St. Albans Community Youth Club in Melbourne, lovingly called the TinShed, came to us with a task of creating their annual report. Our main consideration was producing something that speaks to the grassroots principles which run this community organisation. Our solution focused on extending the aesthetics from their existing logo, using typography and colours that align with their current look and feel, whilst also maintaining a professional but not too corporate look.

To view the annual report in full, click here.

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