Aubrey Display

Skill applied: Type design

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, FontSelf


This project focused on creating a Modern serif display typeface specifically inspired by the Art Nouveau movement. The contrasting thin and thick strokes aim to appeal to elegant aesthetics, hence development focused on how those strokes cultivated the overall personality of the type.
Research into the Art Nouveau movement showed that distinctive features include decorativeness, free lines and round shapes, their plasticity and flow. Organic elements often feature together with undulating asymmetrical lines (Britannica, T. Editors of Encyclopaedia (2022). A specific work by Alphonse Mucha (Widewalls, 2016) focused on the feminine quality coupled with the flowers and mosaic surrounding the female subjects, signifying harmony in composition, movement and colours. This type of treatment was useful in determining how each of my characters followed this feminine approach.

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Using the distinctive features cited above, the exaggerated flowing lines in a few of the characters (A, O, C M and K) provide them a distinct look leaning further away from the Modern Serif style. Further, the swash used in the alternative letter A is utilised for M which is reminiscent of the undulating lines present in Art Nouveau. Letter V likewise takes on a softer approach to match the softer look of the character.



Aubrey Display Type Regular

Aubrey Display Type Regular


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