My Brother Noah Doesn't Talk

Skills applied: Illustration, Type Design, Writing

Main Tools used: Adobe Fresco, Illustrator, FontSelf and InDesign

Supporting Tools: Adobe Photoshop and Audition 

My Brother Noah Doesn’t Talk is a children’s storybook about having autism and accepting differences.


In Australia alone, 1 in 82 people have Autism Spectrum Disorder (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2021), yet every person who has this condition still needs support and understanding from the wider community. In my self-initiated project at Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia, I’ve created a book titled “My Brother Noah Doesn’t Talk.” This project serves as both a self-promotional tool and a showcase of my skills, involving illustrations, writing, and the design of a unique typeface.

Click HERE to read and listen to the book.

How it all started

Illustration Timelapse

Type Design

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