My name is Tet Kelly (née Javier) and I’ve been designing since the Spice Girls were on the Billboard Top 40, as a nerdy 16-year old yearbook layout artist. Since then, I’ve collected experiences and education in various fields such as journalism, education, marketing and graphic design. In Australia, I’ve been an independent designer since 2013, building websites and creating communication materials for non-profits, small businesses and government agencies.

Realising the need to learn new techniques from mentors, I completed my Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design at The Gordon (Geelong) in 2020, subsequently received the Student of the Year Award and became a finalist to the Victorian Training Awards (Vocational Student of the year category).

My lived experience of being of Filipino heritage, a female and caring for people with a disability has helped shape my commitment to designing for good, allowing me to offer my creative skills and knowledge to those whose vision align with mine.

I look forward to working with you.

Kind regards, 


  • Love the power of a good story / obsessed about true crime podcasts and Korean shows on Netflix, don't tell anyone.

  • Painting, doodling, calligraphy hobbyist

  • Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design
    Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

  • No such things as too spicy for me.
    Chilli flakes on the ready for this girl.

  • Damien Rice, Fun., Cold Play, Matchbox Twenty, Eminem, and more importantly, Morissette Amon, Karen Carpenter, Joni Mitchell, Sara Bareilles

  • Branding, Web Design (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix), Illustrations, Print Design (Newsletter, Brochure, Poster, Stationery etc), Digital Design

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