In The Same Boat

Skills applied: Media Strategy, Advertising, Writing, Branded Experience

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Some blender 

Theme: Refugee Rights

According to the UN Refugee Convention, it is everyone’s human right to seek safety and asylum, regardless of how they arrive or whether they have travel documents.


Perspectives on either end of the spectrum include those who are against all refugees of any kind and those who support all asylum seekers whereever they may be and whatever method they tried to escape with. The widely held perspective that I am to shift is the belief held by those against refugees and those who do not have any strong opinions about this issue, largely as a result of misinformation and cognitive biases. This position is a complex one including false notions of how Australia has already done its due diligence in helping refugees and asylum seekers worldwide.


Australia is not pulling its weight in addressing this global issue of mass displacement, and you should definitely care.

Target Audience


Get young adults and passive supporters
Who are on the fence about refugees or have no strong beliefs
To help advocate for change
By signing up to be “in the same boat”

Media Hype

The Branded Experience

DISCLAIMER: This is an academic requirement, therefore, any organisations or individuals mentioned are not connected to this project in whatever shape or form.