Racism, Raw & Real: Hear Our Stories


For a second time in a row, Track C is holding its annual forum that centers on human rights. This year’s theme is “Racism, Raw & Real: Hear Our Stories”. 
We were aiming for a bold and insightful look and feel to try to capture the audience’s attention without diminishing the gravity of the issue at hand. 

According to Track C, “Racism, Raw & Real is the first forum of its kind in the Geelong region. With an outstanding lineup of speakers, this is a rare opportunity for you to engage in a meaningful dialogue about Racism with people who have lived it and continue to experience it everyday.”
View the webpage here
Communications provided:
– 10-second teaser video
– social tiles, banners, etc.
– program design
– webpage design
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10-sec Teaser Ad

Program Design + Social Media Images