AntiRacism Commitment

Skills applied: Branding / Motion Design  

Tools used: Adobe Creative Suite / Wix 


I was fortunate enough to help Jane Lewis ( embark on a redesign for AntiRacism Commitment (ARC) as part of her services. I delivered a full logo suite as well as a few communication materials including brochures, and social media images to help cascade this branding. Subtle animation was applied in the logo as well.

The use of the arc in the mark stems from the concept put forward by the client as a reference to Martin Luther Jr’s quote “We shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.”

Central in the mark is the use of negative space for the letter “R” which relates to how this commitment tries to combat racism, turn it on its head so one can look at it and wonder how better to approach Racism.

The simple minimalistic and sans serif font is chosen for its legibility as well as  contemporary and brutalist look.

Blue is the color that is reminiscent of reassurance and trust. Orange is the color of vitality, an important value to hold if one is to stay committed to this cause. 

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