Torquay Community House



Torquay Community House is one of many neighbourhood houses in Victoria and is a community asset in Torquay. I was approached in mid 2021 to assist in  marketing activity focusing mainly on the publication of their online newsletter (Springboard) whilst they had staff transitions.

Later that year, a logo redesign I proposed was approved by the board. The focus for this redesign was to make sure that the colours were carried over, that any spacing or alignment issues in their old logo were addressed. Importantly, all logo formats were supplied so that the organisation can have more flexibility in using the new logo. A styleguide was also provided to assist the users.

Central to this logo is a nod to the Neighbourhood House Sector. The Torquay Community House’s primary logo is a combination mark. It aims to represent their values surrounding diversity,  community and most of all, of being grounded on First Nation land.

Strategic Plan Design – view here

In early 2022, we redesigned a new website for TCH, that aimed to be clean and contemporary. Visit their website:

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