The Smoking Mayor

Co-created with Riane Binagatan

The branding is for a line of bbq sauces, hot sauces and spice rub products.

It’s created by Yves Ducharme, former mayor of Gatineau, Canada. A former highschool dropout and a class clown, the former mayor decided to create his own sauces inspired by his travels.

What makes it different from the millionth other sauces on the market is that it incorporates flavours from his travels around the globe. As a politician, Ducharme was often away in Africa, in China, in Mexico, in Europe. He discovered funky flavours and ingredients that he now incorporates in his sauces, and that’s what makes it different. It’s not South Carolina, it’s not Texas, it’s the mayor’s sauce!

The client wanted to have a design that respects the tradition but hold its own, travelling and discovery being a major part of their family. The original sauce is a blend of secret spices with a nice apple finish. Other sauces will complement the product line in the future. The branding needed to showcase both the legacy of the political man and his playful side people might discover. The client is looking to have an illustration of Yves on the label but are also curious about other ideas. 

The targeted audience: People who want to enjoy a Barbecue with a Twist. Might it be a little szechuan flavour or even some African spices no one has heard of.

The Smoking Mayor’s primary logo is a combination mascot logo. It seeks to evoke notions of travel, legacy, boldness and fun. The primary masterbrand is presented as a circular logo with an off-centered shadow and an illustrated character. 

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