We focus on providing the following graphic design solutions for our clients however we do design mostly anything you can think of so please ask us if you have other ideas in mind.

Other services we can offer along with the above (not offered on their own):

  • Photography (lifestyle, portrait, product)
  • Social Media Page Design

Our Process

We use Design Thinking, a non-linear way of providing design solutions to our clients, as our main process. Whilst these are our internal processes, you as our client play a central role. We design for you, with you and your target cohort in mind. We will work through your project together using the following steps.


We need to get to the bottom of who you are as a business entity. This could mean phone calls, emails, Zoom (thanks COVID), or a questionnaire that will form the basis of your new branding or website. Proposals and briefings happen at this stage. This stage likewise includes personal research and discovery time on our part from publicly existing information about your business, your industry and your competitors.


Unless otherwise specified, one or two concepts will be presented to you from which you can decide to make any adjustments.


Revision and editing is part of a great design. Normally, there are two rounds of revisions on offer, however, additional changes can be accepted the add on costs for which will be communicated to you prior to making any additional changes.


The final and most important step of the process is making sure you are 100% happy with the output.

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